Report Piracy / Deadlink

Have you seen our full sized photos anywhere else but here? We have invested literally thousands of dollars to produce it for your entertainment and only ask a few dollars from each individual member to cover the costs and hopefully earn a well deserved profit in return for our hours of time and efforts.

Please submit the URL of the photoset page or at least the name of the web site so that we can contact them and request its removal. We sincerely THANK YOU for taking the time to do so and wish you every positive karma thought for happiness and peace in return!

The only photos we provide to anyone outside of our members are low resolution photos for promotional purposes. Many of the "free porn" web sites out there are not actively stealing premium photos from other web sites themselves. In most cases the "theft" is uploaded by their members to share with everyone else and is illegal. If we inform the webmaster of the offense they will most often remove it without incident.